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About Us

Nothing is better than receiving a thoughtful gift from someone.  It doesn’t matter whether the person giving the gift is someone close to you or someone you work with or someone that wants to work with you.  It’s not the thought that matters, it’s the thoughtful gift that matters. We’ve all seen someone, or maybe it’s been us, that receives a gift from a giver and the giver is happier about the gift than the receiver!  We think, “What in the world is this about?” The recipient should be the one who is the happy one. The recipient should be the one that thinks, “Wow! This is awesome! It has my name on it!”

That is why Kim and I started Treasured Family Creations in 2011.  We wanted to provide gift recipients an experience of “Wow! They thought of me when purchasing this for me!” We want to provide gifts for you that you are proud to gift and are proud when the recipient shows it off and brags to others about what they have.  That’s what makes a great gift when they turn to their family and friends and say, “Hey, look what I got!”

We strive to make our products of the best quality.  We want these to be TREASURED. We provide products that are keep-able and someone can take pride in using and sharing.  We will work with you to get everything just right. We want you and the items to stay in the Family and our FAMILY. We give you the opportunity to work in the creative process involved in making the personalized items.  Each product is a one-of-a-kind. It has your, or someone you love, name on it. We want you to help create it, not just select menu items. It is your CREATION too. We, you and us, are TREASURED FAMILY CREATIONS.

Meet the TFC Shop Members

Fred and Kim.

Fred and Kim are the founders of Treasured Family Creations.  Fred loved his cubicle job so much that he wanted to start a side hustle making things.  He wanted to do something with his hands that would could also provide a service for others.  His father was a creative genius and could make just about anything he wanted. He was also an excellent woodworker.  That’s where Fred’s interest in woodworking began. Fred and Kim wanted to have a business that they could do together.  They wanted to make things for others and make them personal.

The Boys

Fred and Kim have three sons, We3Boys.  The boys, Stewart, Aron, and Joseph, are the brute strength in the TFC Shop.  They carry the heavy boxes and tote the lumber. They are also learning how to use the laser, the woodworking machines, and learning how to work with their hands.  Too many kids spend most of their free time playing video games or staring at their phones. Our boys are learning to do things, learning how things work, how to put things together, how to make something.  Plus they are learning how to incorporate technology without being overcome by technology.

We are a Family owned business that Treasures the Creations we make with our customers.